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Slimming products are increasingly the core business of many pharmaceutical companies. Just take a nice walk around the shelves of pharmacies and even supermarkets, to discover a world made of supplements, bars, powders and drinks that promise sparks.

Unfortunately, then we return to reality and we discover that there are no natural or chemical remedies capable of guaranteeing you an easy and fast weight loss, without making any sacrifices at the table and without making any physical effort .

There is no way out, to lose weight the most important thing is and will always remain a correct lifestyle.

You may be wondering …

And why did you decide to write this article if there are no quick and easy remedies to lose weight?

I said that there are no miraculous remedies and that you have to put your own. There are many effective remedies that can help a good weight loss diet and they are the ones I will tell you about in this article.

Obviously I will only talk to you about natural remedies, which will not “only” help you lose weight, but also and above all improve your general health.

1. Draining remedies

When you are overweight, in addition to body fat, there is almost always an accumulation of fluids associated with swelling .

To eliminate excess fluids you can make use of different plants with draining properties . Nature is generous and of plants of this kind, going for a walk in the woods and countryside, we can really find many.

For example, draining herbs are birch, dandelion, horsetail, nettle, black currant, parietaria, lavender, etc. .. Just to name a few.

They are all plants with a marked purifying action, as well as draining, which must be taken with a certain regularity, in the form of herbal tea .

As I told you, there are so many plants with draining properties. Since ours is a farm, we have selected the best ones to create an even more effective blend, for those who want to get rid of excess liquids.

We called the tea in question ” Super Dyuretix tea ” and it contains the following herbs:

  • Lavender angustifolia flowers,
  • Pendulous birch leaves,
  • Horsetail arvensis stems and leaves,
  • Verbena leaves,
  • Black currant leaves,
  • Dandelion leaves.

How is it taken?

To prepare the herbal tea, simply take a teaspoon of these herbs and add them to a cup of very hot water. The herbs should be left to rest in hot water for about 8-10 minutes.

Then you filter and drink the hot herbal tea. I recommend 2 to 4 cups a day.

Our products:

super dyuretix herbal tea


The continued use of diuretic plants is not recommended for those who are already taking diuretic or blood pressure medications.

Things to know: in addition to salt, dairy products and refined flours also tend to retain liquids. So if you want to lose weight, I strongly recommend that you reduce your consumption of these foods.

2. Turmeric

Another very famous remedy used to lose extra pounds is turmeric.

Turmeric, with particular attention to its most important active ingredient, namely curcumin, has been under the magnifying glass of researchers around the world for years now. This root has been shown to have important anti- inflammatory , antioxidant , antidiabetic , antitumor and immunomodulating properties , so its consumption helps prevent and treat numerous health conditions. [ 1 ]

But these aren’t the only benefits attributed to Turmeric. One of its most popular uses, also supported by science, is as a weight loss remedy . Here is a summary of the main scientific findings, which reveal why turmeric would also be useful for weight loss:

  • It accelerates the metabolism . metabolism refers to a set of chemical reactions that occur in our body, the goal of which is to maintain good health and the functionality of cells and organs. To complete these reactions, the body needs to burn calories and these are the known “calories burned at rest”. It is known that, thanks to its thermogenic effect, turmeric is able to speed up our metabolism, making us spend more calories at rest, thus facilitating the loss of body fat. [ 2 ]
  • Prevents the accumulation of fat . The area of ​​fat storage par excellence in our body is white adipose tissue. As you might expect, the formation of new cells in white fat tissues leads to weight gain. However, curcumin has been shown to reduce the size of these tissues by preventing the permanence and accumulation of fat cells. [ 3 ]
  • Helps prevent metabolic syndrome . Metabolic syndrome is a risk factor related to obesity. In general, this syndrome is due to a series of metabolic changes that result from the accumulation of fat around the abdomen, increased blood pressure, blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol. Regular consumption of turmeric prevents these changes by lowering cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar levels [ 4 ]
  • It supports liver function . The liver is responsible for many body functions, including digestion, fat metabolism and toxin elimination, and a steatotic or poorly functioning liver can lead to weight gain. Curcumin has been observed to improve liver function, not only contributing to greater detoxification and cleansing of the liver, but also by increasing bile production.

How to take Turmeric

Turmeric is a bitter-tasting spice that goes well with many foods. Generally it is perfect sprinkled on raw salads, soups, legumes. It is important to know that to maximize the benefits, it is important to combine some black pepper with turmeric.

In fact, the big problem with curcumin is that it has a low bioavailability. This means that, once ingested, it is almost completely excreted in the faeces and urine. However, there are some secrets to make it more bioavailable: the main one is the combination with black pepper, but there are also others.

According to a famous scientific study conducted in 1998 by Ghosh Shobha and other researchers, the addition of black pepper increases the absorption of curcumin by 2000% (or 20 times). In fact, the piperine contained in black pepper favors the absorption of curcumin: a pinch is really enough.

Finally, the combination with good fats such as extra virgin olive oil make curcumin more bioavailable. One of the reasons why our body cannot absorb it is its poor solubility in water: oil increases its solubility.

Where to buy Curcuma

You can buy our turmeric powder directly on our website . The product is certified organic cultivation.

3. Spirulina

spirulina weight loss

Another natural remedy much appreciated by those who are trying to lose weight are algae and in particular a blue micro-alga, whose name is Spirulina .

To tell the truth, Spirulina is good for you and is used for an infinite number of reasons. In fact, you must know that it is the most complete food present in nature and one of the few plant forms to contain all the essential amino acids, vitamins and mineral salts that man needs to live. It is no coincidence that it is thought that it will be the food that will feed the world.

It is generally sought after for its anti-anemic and anti-fatigue action, as a supplement for athletes (because it is very rich in protein), to strengthen bones, skin, nails and hair and to stimulate the body’s natural defenses.

In addition to the reasons listed above, spirulina is highly appreciated for its triple slimming action :

  1. Speeds up metabolism : works by increasing metabolism, which makes it easier to consume calories (which would otherwise be stored in the form of fat deposits).
  2. It has a satiating effect : if taken before meals, thanks to its richness in nutrients, it has a satiating effect, which results in the consumption of less food.
  3. Hypoglycemic : Finally it has hypoglycemic properties, that is, it reduces blood sugar. As I have already said in the chapter dedicated to Aloe, it is now widely demonstrated that a blood sugar whose values ​​tend upwards (> 90) is one of the main causes of overweight and obesity. In this regard, there is an interesting study that lasted 2 months and conducted on 25 patients with type 2 diabetes which demonstrates the hypoglycemic effect of spirulina. Patients took 2 grams of spirulina every day resulting in a noticeable reduction in blood sugar level.

How do you assume

Spirulina is commercially available as a powder or tablet.

Given the typical taste of seaweed, which most people do not tolerate, it is preferable to take the tablets, certainly easier to swallow.

4 to 8 grams of Spirulina per day are recommended, with fractional intakes during the day. The maximum dose is recommended for those who practice a lot of sport.

Where to buy Spirulina

On our site you can buy spirulina algae in tablets. The product is certified organic, the cost is € 14.90 for 125 g (in all 250 tablets).

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3. Remedies to reduce hunger

The less we eat, the easier it is to lose weight. Simple isn’t it?

Not at all I would say. It takes a lot of willpower to follow a weight loss diet.

Fortunately, there are some foods and remedies that can help us, because they can reduce hunger, especially nervous hunger .

One of these remedies we have seen before, is spirulina . The others we see them below

Goji berries

goji hunger

The goji berries are a great breaks hunger to consume at breakfast or as a snack between meals and the other.

Compared to other types of dried fruit, goji berries have the peculiarity of containing traces of organic chromium . Organic chromium is a micronutrient capable of improving the metabolism of carbohydrates, enhancing the action of insulin and regulating glycemic values . Several studies [ 3 ] have shown how the presence of organic chromium can help prevent hypoglycemia and diabetes, caused respectively by an excess of insulin and its insufficiency.

In addition to this, goji berries have a satiating effect, plus they are very healthy, as they stimulate the immune system, are rich in antioxidants, mineral salts and vitamins (in particular vitamin A and carotenoids). They are also highly sought after for their richness in selenium, a mineral with a strong antioxidant action, capable of promoting the elimination of mercury (a heavy metal that is very toxic to the body).

Since it is always fruit containing sugars, the consumption of Goji Berries should always be moderate. In particular, nutritionists recommend avoiding the consumption of fruit, sugars and carbohydrates after 17:00, as our metabolism begins to slow down in the evening.

The best time to consume fruit is in the morning, at breakfast.

Where to buy goji berries

On our website you can find one of the best qualities of Goji berries on the market. These are Tibetan Goji berries of organic origin , hand-picked and naturally dried in the sun. Our Goji berries come from Tibet and are grown in Qinghai province.

Tibetan goji berries

Stevia Rebaudiana

stevia sweet

The Stevia rebaudiana is a plant whose leaves have a very sweet taste and once dried and crushed or pulverized, can be used instead of sugar.

Stevia has the great advantage of not containing calories and not raising blood sugar (indeed, it regulates it), so it can easily be used by those with diabetes, or by those who are overweight and must follow a weight loss diet.

Stevia has another important advantage. Its very sweet taste reduces the desire for sweets .

So I highly recommend it if, like me, you are a real sweet tooth and you have a hard time staying away from sweets.

How is it taken?

As I told you, Stevia is used to sweeten and can be added to tea, or herbal teas instead of sugar. Since it has a sweetening power of about 300 times higher than that of sugar, it takes very little. For a cup of herbal tea I add about 1/3 teaspoon of stevia sugar.

It can also be used to make desserts, in this article I explain how to use it.

Where to buy Stevia

We cultivate and produce stevia and we sell it both as an herbal tea and as a powder . The latter can also be used to make desserts, while the herbal tea cut is good only for sweetening drinks.

I want to underline that it is pure Stevia, 100% natural. In short, nothing to do with the white powders passed off as Stevia, which you find in bars, or in supermarkets.

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A herbal tea to eat less

It may seem strange to you, but some herbal teas help reduce the sense of hunger.

An example is our “Stop Hunger” herbal tea based on a blend of fruits, which can be taken during the day, or before meals, to reduce nervous hunger.

NB : All the information published on this site is for information purposes and should not be considered as medical advice or prescriptions, or of any other nature.