solar erythema natural remedies

With the arrival of summer you will probably already know how important it is to pay attention to sun exposure .

In fact, the close correlation between the onset of melanomas (skin cancers) and prolonged sun exposure during peak hours , especially if unprotected, has been demonstrated .

But prevention is sometimes not enough. Despite all the necessary precautions, it is not difficult to get a good sunburn, especially in the first days of summer, when the skin is still pale and more susceptible to the sun’s rays.

Not to mention children, whose skin is even more delicate than adults and easily subject to climate change and the action of external agents.

This is why I would say that it is important to have a “first aid” kit on hand. I’m not talking about drugs, but about a natural remedy you probably already know: Aloe !

Against burns from the stove and burns due to sunburn , Aloe is by far the most effective natural remedy !

In fact, the Aloe gel contains:

  • the enzyme bradykinase which blocks inflammatory reactions, such as responses to overexposure to the sun and stimulates the intervention of the immune defenses;
  • the barbaloin and aloetic acid , which conjure the risk of infection due to their antibiotic and antibacterial action;
  • l ‘ salicitico acid , cinnamic acid and isobarbaloina, which play anti-dolorifico action;
  • l ‘ acemannan , which accelerates the step of re-epithelialization, ie the regeneration of the epidermal tissues, intervening in the stimulation of macrophages and increasing production of fibroblasts and collagen.

Applied to the skin, the Aloe gel will bring rapid relief, significantly accelerating the healing time of the burn.

How to use Aloe?

If you have an Aloe Vera plant or Aloe Arborescens plant, you can use the leaf directly when needed.

Often it is not necessary to use it all, a small piece is enough, especially if it is Aloe Vera, whose leaves are very large and full of gel. Once cut, the leaf must be opened in two horizontally and applied to the affected area, leaving it in contact with the skin for several minutes.

This action will be repeated at least a couple of times a day, avoiding sun exposure in the following days.

What if I don’t have an Aloe plant?

In this case, you can still rely on Aloe Vera-based creams .

However, pay close attention to the product you choose to use. In particular, avoid products that contain parabens, paraffin, petrolatum, alcohol, or other chemicals that can harm your skin’s health.

If you are looking for a truly natural product, I recommend that you try our Aloe Vera gel , which is made up of 98% pure Aloe gel. It is a natural product prepared with our Aloe Vera plants and does not contain the harmful ingredients listed above.

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Alternatives to Aloe

Some people are intolerant, or even allergic to Aloe. Unfortunately, it also happens with natural remedies.

In this case there are some natural products that perform an action very well similar to that of Aloe and that can be successfully used against burns and sunburns.

Among these I recommend above all:

They are all products that you can apply pure, directly on the burn. They have an excellent anti-inflammatory action and promote the regrowth of healthy tissues.

Oleolito Helychrisum oil however, is a great tanning oil, which has a medium-low sun protection (around 25). A natural product that can be used to replace the classic low protection tanning creams.

However, don’t expect protection if you expose yourself during peak hours. In this case, the helichrysum oil is not the product for you.

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