Natural remedies seasonal allergies

Seasonal allergies occur when our immune system, for some reason, is no longer able to distinguish between an external substance, harmful or harmless to the body. In the allergic reaction, the immune system triggers a defensive response against a harmless external substance (allergen). In practice, the external substance, while being harmless, is not recognized as such.

This anomaly of the immune system causes symptoms, which can be of different types, both in the gravity and in the diffusion (local or systemic). For example, when talking about a pollen allergy, or graminaceous plants (which are inhaled), the most common symptoms are: asthma, stuffy nose, red eyes, tearing, sore throat, cough, etc.

The official medicine has not yet found a definitive cure for allergies, but there are some drugs able to reduce the symptoms, such as cortisones, antihistamines, decongestants, etc. .. Products that however carry a whole series of side effects not unimportant , primarily on the liver, an organ that most of all undergoes the toxic effects of drugs.

A help from Nature

Fortunately there are also some plants that can reduce the symptoms of allergies, but without aggravating the body, but rather, helping to purify more deeply.

Let’s see what they are …

1 – Aloe juice

Aloe Arborescens (or alternatively Aloe Vera) contains polysaccharides (in particular the acemannan) and anthraquinones with marked immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Immunomodulant : this means that Aloe acts by regulating the immune system according to need. In the case of allergies, the immune system is hyperstimulated, so the Aloe decreases the power of the immune response.
  • Anti-inflammatory : Aloe reduces inflammation and therefore the symptom itself.

How should Aloe be taken?

The recipe that we recommend to take is that of Father Romano Zago (fresh shake of leaves of Aloe Arborescens, honey and grappa), as also suggested by Father Zago in his two books “Di Cancro can be Healed” and “Aloe is not a medicine … yet it heals “.

This juice should be taken 3 times a day , half an hour before meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), in the quantities of a spoon. It is advisable to continue the intake throughout the period of allergies, with a break of 7-15 days between one bottle and another. Aloe juice can also be taken in a preventive manner.

Where to buy Aloe juice?

aloe juice classic recipe

People with colonic diseases, such as colitis, ulcerative rectochitis, or crohn’s disease, should avoid taking aloin, a yellow laxative substance, which can be too irritating for already inflamed intestinal walls. The aloin is contained in the peel and in the outermost part of the Aloe gel, we at Erbedimauro propose the filtered Aloe Arborescens juice, deprived of the alkali. The methods of employment are the same as for classic juice.

The inflammation of the skin (for example dermatitis or eczema), related to allergies, can be treated locally with the pure gel of Aloe Vera / Arborescens, or with special creams based on Aloe and other plants and with anti-inflammatory effect, such as Psor Cream .

2 – Decoction of Helichrysum

Another very valid aid against allergies is helichrysum , an aromatic plant very common in our gardens, but most of the people ignore the medicinal properties.

The first studies on the application of this plant, in the pathologies of the skin and on the respiratory system, are due to Dr. Leonardo Santini who, having noticed that the farmers of the Garfagnana, where he worked as a doctor, treated the bronchial affections of the livestock with helichrysum, he wanted to test it on his patients, obtaining a confirmation of his expectations, but he noticed a favorable action in patients with eczematous and above all psoriasis affections, and in 1949 he published the results of his observations.

Helichrysum, taken in the form of decoction , acts as a natural antihistamine , reducing the inflammation of the mucous membranes and the skin. Helichrysum also blocks the formation of mucus and promotes its removal . In addition, the decoction, left before cold, can be used as an anti-inflammatory ocular in the case of red eyes.

How should the Helichrysum be taken?

For the treatment of allergies, Dr. Leonardo Santini suggests the use of helichrysum in the form of decoction (more effective than simple infusion).

Decoction of Helichrysum : pour a teaspoon of dried flowers in a pot with cold water (250 ml or a cup). Turn on the heat and bring to a boil. Boil again for 3-4 minutes and turn off the heat. Cover and leave to infuse for 10 minutes. Recommended 2 cups a day of this decoction.

Where to buy the Helichrysum?

elicriso herbal tea

3 – Power supply

In order to drastically reduce the allergic symptoms, it is also very important to follow a certain type of diet, substantially free of certain categories of food. The main supporter of this thesis is the dott. Piero Mozzi , a doctor famous for his diet according to the theory of blood groups .

According to his practical experience, seasonal allergies can be fought at the table, eliminating from their diet:

  1. Cereals : oats, spelled, wheat, kamut, corn, millet, barley, rice, rye and sorghum,
  2. Milk and milk derivatives : milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, ice cream, milk chocolate, creamy desserts, etc.

All cereals , except quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat, belong to the large Graminaceae family . According to Dr. Mozzi, the daily and massive consumption of grasses (therefore foods such as bread, pasta, pizza, biscuits, rusks and other baked goods), would be the main cause of these allergies . In short we become allergic to Gramineae by dint of eating Gramineae all the holy days.

In addition, the consumption of gluten , a protein contained in many cereals (except millet, corn, rice and sorghum) would be among the main causes of what is now called ” intestinal dysbiosis “, ie the alteration of intestinal flora, which many doctors and scholars, it would be the underlying condition of many food and respiratory allergies.

Casein , the main protein contained in animal milk , would also be co-responsible with gluten in the degenerative process that causes dysbiosis and inflammation of the intestinal walls. Furthermore, the consumption of dairy products also favors an excessive production of mucus . So if you are allergic and have respiratory problems, you should avoid consumption of milk and milk products as much as possible.

Beyond the studies and scientific research, which still does not give much attention to the theories of Dr. Mozzi, it must be said that in his favor there are many testimonies of people who claim to be significantly improved, if not even healed after following his food tips. And this already in a few weeks.

The dott. Piero Mozzi, on the other hand, sent us to try, eliminating these foods for a few weeks from our diet and evaluating the results with our senses. In short, “try to believe”.

NB : All information published on this site is informative and should not be considered as advice, or medical prescriptions, or other.