How to grow Aloe plants

How to grow Aloe arborescens

The plant of Aloe Arborescens needs just a little care, it adapts to various situations and grows well inside the apartment, but always in a very bright environment.

For the cultivation, it should be used a draining soil, the plant does not like water stagnated in the saucer and watering can take place every 3/7/15/30 days: it depends on where the plant is placed, the climate and the time of year.

The plant does not withstand temperatures below 0°, if it grows in the garden or outdoor it is necessary to cover it with appropriate cloths or to move it inside the house in colder periods. If you want to move it back in the sun, do it gradually: doing so you will avoid damaging the leaves and you will get a beautiful ornamental plant, ideal for preparing Father Zago’s recipe.

As per the fertilization, it is recommended to use an organic fertilizer to be diluted with water and to be administered every 30 days, in the spring summer period.

Repotting or placement on the ground is recommended in spring or late summer.

How to plant the cuttings of Aloe Arborescens

aloe to land

The material needed to plant a cutting is:

  • a vase,
  • draining land,
  • a straw-like support,
  • sticks etc,
  • green gardener’s string.

This is to keep the cutting straight and firm in the vase.

Plant the cutting after about seven days of cutting it, so that the damaged part dries well.

Place it in a discreetly warm, bright but not under direct sunlight. If this procedure is followed, its grip is guaranteed.

Put the soil in the vase until it is full, then make a hole in the soil to insert the cutting and press firmly with your hands so that the soil supports it.

The cutting should not be watered for about 20/30 days, then water abundantly every 15 days or so.

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aloe arborescens plants 6 years old
aloe arborescens plant big-leaf
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