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Artemisia annua , also known as “annual wormwood”, is a small aromatic plant from China, used for centuries by Chinese folk medicine to treat various disorders: difficult digestion, high fever, malaria, intestinal parasites, etc. Today, thanks to the studies conducted by researchers and the testimony of some patients, we know that this plant is a precious additional weapon for the fight against Cancer .

Wandering around the web you will find information of all kinds about the alleged miraculous properties of the Artemisia annua. Leaving aside the many fuffa sites on the Internet, I would like to point out that there are several associations that deal with the study, application and dissemination of supplementary remedies aimed at improving the effectiveness of traditional cancer treatments and the quality of life of the cancer patient .

One of these is the ARTOI (Association of Integrated Oncology Therapy Research), a non-profit association of various medical professionals (oncologists, surgeons, radiotherapists, nutritionists, immunologists, herbalists and others). The intent of the association is to educate physicians about integration, and patients to understand the benefits of natural substances.

The association ARTOI includes Dr. Ivano Ferri Hammamberg and Dr. Andrea Passini , interviewed a few months ago by the television channel Telecolor regarding the integration of traditional Oncology with natural remedies . During the interview a lot of space was dedicated to the Artemisia annua , a plant commonly used by ARTOI doctors to supplement chemo and radiotherapy.

Below is a video and a brief summary of what has been said.

Artemisia annua in integrated oncology

As Dr Ivano Ferri Hammamberg explains to us, Artemisia annua is a plant that has strong anticancer properties (it affects one hundred different tumor cells). However, a distinction must be made between:

  • Hydrolysis (aqueous extract, more commonly called infusion, or herbal tea)
  • Hydroalcoholic extract (which in fact contains alcohol, generally at 65 °)
  • Artemisinin capsules (active ingredient with anticancer properties)

Artemisia annua is rarely prescribed to one of its cancer patients . The prescription previews the intake for breakfast and lunch of the hydroalcoholic extract, or alternatively the hydrolite (that is the tea) and the artemisinin capsules in the evening, at dinner. The effects of these sonstanze are different.

The liquid extracts have antioxidant and above all anti-inflammatory properties . The effectiveness of the hydroalcoholic extract (or of the hydrolite) is as effective as the situation of the cancer patient is more serious. The doctor tells us about cases of patients bedridden, exhausted, with an advanced cancer, taking for a few days in a row the hydrolyte, or hydroalcoholic extract of Artemisia annua, seem almost “resuscitated” and returned in full force, thanks to the powerful anti-inflammatory effect of this plant.

Hydrolysis is less effective as an anti-inflammatory, but has greater antioxidant properties. The dott. Hammamebrg prefers it for all those patients with gastritis, diabetes, liver disease, or suffering from stomach cancer, or liver. In all these cases it is indeed better to avoid alcohol intake. As dosages we talk about 3 tablespoons of hydrolyte, or hydroalcoholic extract, for 2 times a day (for breakfast and lunch).

In the evening, at dinner, the artemisinin capsules are prescribed to the patient, which is the active ingredient of Artemisia annua with anticancer properties . Initially, for a month it starts with lower doses of artemisinin. After one month the patient is tested to evaluate renal and hepatic function, if there are no problems (and usually it is), the dosage is increased.

It is important to know that the hydroalcoholic extract (or hydrolyte) and the artemisinin can not be taken at the same time and should be spaced over time. As it may seem strange, the liquid extracts of Artemisia annua (which are antioxidants), interfere with the oxidizing effect that artemisinin produces against cancer cells, sending them apoptosis (programmed death). For this reason the two substances are taken separately.

In which tumors Artemisia is more successful?

According to the experience of dr. Hammamberg Artemisia annua is always useful, but in some cancers it seems to be more effective. In particular in tumors affecting the urogenital system (bladder cancer, prostate and ovarian cancer), lung cancer and breast cancer .

The most striking case is that of Amedeo Gioia , suffering from an inoperable bladder cancer, to which the doctors had given a few weeks of life, or at most a couple of months. Thanks to the research of his son, Mr. Amedeo became aware of this plant and after reading the scientific publications began to take the hydroalcoholic extract. After only two days, the first unbearable pains had completely disappeared and within 5-6 weeks the Cancer had totally disappeared .

Mr. Amedeo today is in good health and is no longer suffering from any type of cancer, thanks to the healing efficacy of Artemisia annua.

In addition to the case of Amedeo Gioia, in the interview the dott. Hammamberg reports other cases of patients recovered, or improved , doing integrated oncology with Artemisia Annua. The best results, as mentioned, obtained them with people suffering from bladder, prostate and ovary cancer. Often together with Artemisia are also associated with other natural substances, such as curcumin and astragalus.

NB : cancer patients who want to take Artemisia annua should always do so with the approval and supervision of their doctor.

Video interview on the Artemisia annua:

Those of the Artemisia annua

Another association that I would like to report to you is ” Those of Artemisia Annua Onlus ” ( website ), the result of the intense experience gained in the Facebook group “Quelli dell’Artemisia Annua”, born in late August 2014 to spread the beautiful story by Amedeo Gioia (the gentleman we discussed earlier).

The association operates in the field of alternative medicine through the dissemination of new therapies and energy practices based on the latest scientific discoveries. It offers practical help for the psychophysical, mental, social and environmental improvement of users. It promotes research, organizes conferences and seminars to accelerate personal development. Provides medico-legal assistance.

Even our farm is part of the association “Quelli dell’Artemisia Annua Onlus” and is actively involved in the dissemination of these new and old knowledge on alternative medicine.

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