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Not everyone knows that growing one or more Aloe Vera or Aloe Arborescens plants is a bit like having a small pharmacy and at the same time a beauty case always at hand .

I have been growing this medicinal plant for many years now and I love the fact that besides being a beautiful plant, it has so many healing properties. I think each of us should have one of these wonders.

But even more important is knowing what to do with it, otherwise, let me tell you, it would be a real waste! The possibilities of using Aloe are endless.

You must know that its fleshy leaves contain a gel rich in active ingredients, such as vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids and acemannan, a polysaccharide with strong moisturizing, soothing, anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

This precious gel can be used in many different ways, both internally (i.e. drinking / eating the gel), and externally, for example for skin and hair care.

I have been cultivating and studying this plant for more than 10 years and still today I am amazed at the infinity of uses that can be made of it for our health, but also for our beauty.

So here I am, in the end I decided to write this guide, with the intention of explaining to the general public what its main uses are.

Properties and benefits of Aloe gel

Aloe gel contains a perfect mix of water and numerous nutrients: vitamins (A, C, E and group B), mineral salts (including iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, etc.), mucilage, polysaccharides , aminoaicides, fatty acids, enzymes, plant sterols and various other substances with antioxidant activity.

The synergy of these different active ingredients means that the Aloe gel has numerous healing properties:

  • anti-inflammatory properties;
  • antioxidant properties;
  • antibacterial properties;
  • antiviral properties;
  • healing properties;
  • soothing properties;
  • moisturizing properties;
  • immunostimulating properties;
  • regenerating properties

This explains why Aloe gel is one of the most used natural ingredients in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries all over the world !

So much so that the global market value estimated for Aloe Vera alone is 13 billion dollars a year .

Surely they would be much less if people, rather than spend money on industrial products with Aloe Vera of dubious origin and also full of junk, made use of their own Aloe plants, grown in the garden or on the terrace.

So now I would like to introduce you to the heart of this guide: the countless uses you can make of this fantastic plant.

Eventually, if you don’t have a plant at home, or you simply prefer to use a ready-made natural product, I can always recommend you to try our pure Aloe Vera Gel , with a soothing and regenerating action.

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1. Wounds, insect bites, sunburn and sunburn

Whether it’s a stove burn, sunburn, a wasp or mosquito sting, a simple wound, or bedsores, the application of Aloe gel to the irritated area will bring a quick sensation of relief and well-being .

But that’s not all, as explained in the previous chapter, the aloe gel contains some active ingredients with antibacterial action (in particular aloetic acid and barbaloin) which help to ward off possible infections.

Furthermore, acemannan, a polysaccharide present in the Aloe gel, helps wound healing and has vulnerary properties, that is, it promotes the regeneration of healthy tissues .

In all the cases described, just remove a leaf, or simply cut a piece (I recommend using a sharp knife previously sterilized with alcohol, or with a flame) and open it in two horizontally. It will then be applied to the affected area, leaving it in contact with the skin for several minutes. This action will be repeated at least a couple of times a day, avoiding sun exposure in the following days.

2. Conjunctivitis, tired and red eyes

Aloe is also perfect as a natural treatment in case of eye infections (conjunctivitis), or simply in case of red or tired eyes, after many hours in front of the PC or TV.

The application of the gel on the eye will make you feel a sensation of lightness in a short time .

I often use this application even in case of migraines and I must say that most of the time it works very well.

Also in this case you can cut a small piece of leaf, open it in two and apply it on the side of the gel on the eye, keeping it tightly closed. For this to work, it will need to be in contact with the eye at least 10-15 minutes. Then the same thing is repeated with another piece of aloe, on the other eye.

If you don’t like direct application of the leaf, you can also use sterile gauze. In this case it is sufficient to wet a small piece of sterile gauze with freshly squeezed Aloe juice and apply it on the eyes for 15 minutes. For squeezing, I recommend using a mortar and pestle.

In both cases, the treatment should be repeated at least twice a day.

3. Aphthae and labial herbes

There are several studies that demonstrate the antiviral properties of Aloe and its effectiveness in the treatment of Herpes simplex (cold sores). Likewise, it copes very well with another problem that often appears on the mouth, inside the lips, cheeks or on the tongue: canker sores .

For both problems, all you have to do is cut a small piece of Aloe leaf, open it and apply the side of the gel on the point where the ulcer or herpes appeared.

The application will be repeated several times a day, keeping the leaf in contact with the affected area for at least 5-6 minutes.

In the case of herpes I highly recommend using Aloe in synergy with Tea tree oil (the essential oil of Tea tree), another powerful natural antiviral. The synergistic effect of Aloe + Tea tree is much more effective than the single product.

4. Gegival inflammations

Earlier we talked about herpes and canker sores, but given its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, Aloe Vera gel is also very useful as a natural remedy for inflammation of the gums and oral cavity .

In this case, after cutting it, you can extract some gel from the Aloe leaf and use it to massage red or inflamed gums.

In addition, the Aloe Vera gel can also be used to prepare a natural mouthwash . Just mix a teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel in a glass of water, adding a pinch of baking soda and a drop of tea tree oil.

Eventually, if you don’t have time or way to prepare a mouthwash of this type, I invite you to try our Aloe Vera mouthwash, enhanced with the addition of Myrrh extracts and essential oils of mint and eucalyptus. It is a 100% fluoride-free and alcohol-free product.

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5. Acne and pimples

Another clever way to take advantage of Aloe’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties is for the treatment of teenage acne and frungoletti .

Aloe alone does not eliminate acne, but it undoubtedly helps to reduce its signs, counteracting the action of bacteria and promoting the healing of small wounds left by pimples.

Again, all you have to do is apply the gel extracted directly from the leaf on the affected parts.

It can be applied at any time of the day. Aloe gel is practically odorless, transparent and absorbs quickly, so it can also be applied in the evening before going to bed.

Also in this case it is recommended to combine it with Tea tree oil , to be applied immediately after the Aloe gel, in the quantity of 1-2 drops.

6. Hair pack: makes them stronger and fights dandruff

Thanks to its moisturizing and remineralizing action , the Aloe gel is a fabulous and very effective remedy for strengthening the hair . In this case it can be used alone, or combined with other natural ingredients (for example with essential oils).

To use Aloe Vera gel as a hair pack it will be useful to blend the gel to obtain a more homogeneous mixture. Once the Aloe gel has been blended, it can be applied to damp hair before shampooing, leaving it to act for about 15 minutes before washing, to obtain soft and shiny hair.

It should be added that the compress prepared with Aloe gel also has an excellent anti-dandruff action .

Also in this case, the addition of a few drops of Tea tree oil will enhance the antimicrobial effect, improving the anti-dandruff action of the Aloe.

Small amounts of Aloe Vera gel are useful to replace the common hair gel. Use one, two or more tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel as a compress depending on the length of your hair.

7. Anti-wrinkle gel / mask

Thanks to its strong antioxidant action , Aloe is also a great ally of our beauty and can be used pure or in combination with other natural substances (here I will give you a recipe), to prevent and fight wrinkles.

Already the daily application of the pure gel, freshly extracted from the leaf, is a healthy and natural method to counteract the signs of old age . But I understand that cutting a leaf each time and extracting the gel from it is not the most comfortable way.

Alternatively, you can try this recipe to prepare a DIY anti-aging mask, based on flax seeds and aloe gel.

To make it you will need:

  • a tablespoon of flax seeds ;
  • 1-2 teaspoons of aloe gel;
  • 50 ml of water;
  • a saucepan.


Boil a tablespoon of flax seeds with 50 ml of water in a saucepan. When the mixture has finished boiling, a gelatinous compound with a golden-yellowish color will come out.

Once they have cooled, to divide the seeds from the gelatinous part, you can put everything in a colander with a circular dish underneath to collect the gel that will slowly separate from the seeds.

Or you can pour everything into a sterile gauze to squeeze, so as to quickly separate the gel from the seeds.

This gel extracted from flax seeds already has an excellent anti-aging power. Now to enhance its effects, add 1-2 teaspoons of Aloe gel just extracted from the leaf and blend everything together until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Apply the mixture to your face and let it sit for about 15 minutes, then you can rinse it off. After the treatment you will feel how the skin will tend to become firmer and smoother.

If you don’t have the opportunity or the time to prepare this recipe and you prefer to buy a ready-to-use Aloe-based anti-aging cream, I recommend you try our Aloe Vera Anti-Aging Cream (made with our plants ) with the addition of Argan oil, Linseed oil, Hyaluronic Acid and citrus essences.

8. Hand sanitizer

Fed up with using amuchina to disinfect your hands? Thanks to its antimicrobial action, Aloe gel is an excellent natural alternative, which unlike amuchina does not irritate the skin, but on the contrary hydrates and nourishes it.

You can take a small bottle or jar with you. It involves enriching the Aloe Vera gel with essential oils. You will need:

In a bowl, pour the essential oils and aloe vera gel. Stir and combine them with a tablespoon of witch hazel water (or witch hazel distillate) if you have it available. Keep stirring until you get a homogeneous mixture and keep everything in a small container – for example a vial – to always carry with you to have it available when needed and to keep away from light.

9. Pre and after sun

Aloe gel can be used as an effective preparer of the skin for sun exposure .

In fact, it helps to keep the hydrolipidic barrier intact, thus keeping the skin hydrated, soft and elastic, counteracting the action of free radicals and stimulating the production of collagen.

For this reason its use is also recommended during sun exposure.

It should be noted that it does not have sunscreens, therefore a good sunscreen must always be applied to avoid serious damage to the skin.

Thanks to its soothing and refreshing action, it is also possible to use the aloe gel on the skin as an after-sun cream with moisturizing and emollient properties. You can also make soothing compresses, leaving it on for about 15 minutes.

This will reduce skin irritation due to sunburn, relieving the sensation of “tightening skin” and restoring the right hydration. For a more refreshing action, you can keep the aloe gel directly in the refrigerator.

10. Gel after barna and post hair removal

By virtue of its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, Aloe gel is particularly effective when used as an aftershave and post-depilation gel, deeply nourishing the skin and soothing redness due to shaving .

Applying it directly to the skin with a light massage, it relieves the sense of burning and restores softness and elasticity to the skin thanks to its refreshing and emollient power.

It also helps prevent the appearance of annoying ingrown hairs.

Where to buy an Aloe plant?

If you are planning to buy an Aloe plant, remember us. The Erbe di Mauro farm grows and sells Aloe Vera and Aloe Arborescens plants, grown in a 100% natural way, without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. We know that many of our customers use these plants for healing purposes and in this regard we only offer healthy plants, grown in the most natural way possible.

Click here to discover our complete assortment of Aloe plants.

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